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MarketStars build organic communities. Our team collectively has over 15 years of experience in marketing. We started offering community growth services to ICOs in 2016. We have over 100 trusted leaders in this industry, including VCs, exchanges, launchpads, KOLs, auditing firms, and more.

Our Founder, Marco Calicchia has over 10 years of experience in Sales and community building. Former director of sales at CertiK, advisor to Deutsche Telekom, and founder of a leading community management agency since 2016.

Our CEO Adolfo Usier is a Google certified professional with over 7 years of experience leading social media, marketing, and growth. He is the actual head of marketing and social media for @TimeShuffleGame as well as hosting weekly Twitter Spaces on the Avalanche blockchain community.


We build credibility by educating people about the dynamics of your project as well as the crypto industry. We position you as the top tier in your field and help you get systematic growth prior to the launch. We help grow your community in different social media channels and moderate 24/7.
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Define your brand positioning.
Promote Client name and get visibility.
Educate and grow your community.
Set up rules and gamification and keep the community active.
Create a healthy environment where members truly enjoy being part of the community.
Employ proven strategies to increase traffic for your project launches and beyond.

The challenge with Web 3 marketing

The Crypto space is changing rapidly and paid ads on social medias don’t work in crypto startups. Crypto marketing is all about community building & branding. It demands all the necessities of traditional marketing - good SEO, GREAT content, active social accounts.

But, it also takes it further by focusing entirely on the community. Anyone who knows marketing knows that building a community of followers who will trust you, recommend you, share your project and eventually become loyal to you is a mammoth challenge.

It requires time, personal relationships, setting up processes that work, and lots of investment in action-driven content.

Transparency, communication, collaboration, process
- Our values

We believe the start to anything good between two businesses should depend on four pillars:


No hidden agendas, no cut-the-corner tricks & no false promises. What you see is what you get.


It’s only through effective collaboration with partners, stakeholders, and other like-minded people that real value & impact can be felt. This is why the Marketstars uses collaborative work principles to get things done better, faster!


We use Slack and Google Drive to keep communication channels between your team and ours open and transparent. We strongly believe that great communication is the key to a successful relationship.


You won’t be aiming in the dark if you’re working with us. We have Onboarding Specialists, dedicated Project Managers, dedicated team with niche expertise all following a systematic process to work on your business & help you succeed.

Our services

Strategy Development

Discord Community Management

Social Media Management

Influencers Management


Strategic Partnership Management




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Marco Calicchia

founder and head of sales
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Over 10 years of experience in Sales and Community Building. Former Director of Sales at CertiK, Advisor to Deutsche Telekom, and Founder of a leading Community Management Agency since 2016.